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About Constructive Criticism

Perfection is what you choose it to be. No one defines perfection, because no one sees the same

No one has the same thoughts like you.

No one can feel how you do about something.

But you know what, some people give you something called constructive criticism. OK, we all know we are not perfect, I mean, if you were, you don’t exist, but if you do, welcome to earth.

Everyone makes a mistake and then regrets it. We all need to know how to respond to constructive criticism. Because that’s people telling us ADVICE for how we can be better.

Now we can be stubborn and say they are trying to make us feel out of place, not good enough, or you can say they want you to be good enough, and better than what you are.

It’s the way you decide to take it ✌️

Marryx ❤️

P.s. let me know if u think I should do more 😂😎😎💖

Guest Blog Post Proposition

Hey guys, I was looking to guest blog. Anyone interested? Comment below and we can connect! Any ideas welcome, although I was thinking into a mental health , lifestyle or fashion post. Anyway comment below marryx ❤️✌️✌️💘

5 Makeup Products for the natural look❤️.

Hey guys! My latest beauty post got quite a lot of feed, so I thought if that’s what makes you guys happy, why not do it again 😇😇

Anyway these are a few makeup products that make it look natural, does the job, and also makes you look sophisticated and naturally pretty (even if ur not 😂)

1. Concealer

This is an all time obvious! If you fill in your brows, place around the brow

Place concealer underneath your eyes, and anywhere where the skin is unusually darker.

I use the concealer from the urban decay naked palette (bronzer palette) and it’s really good! (see below for another great concealer p)

2. BB Cream

I use this wherever i like a natural shine or as an alternate to concealer. I recommend placing under the eye, mildly on forehead, tip of nose, eye edges, chin ,and just below your hair edges .

If you’re going for a natural look, I don’t recommend using it heavy or a lot, put less than a drop on each area.

see below for image ✌️

3. Matte lipstick

This lipstick , or gloss, initiates smoothness naturally. If you go for a light colour such as pink or baby pink, it won’t look as fake as a blood red, or even vamp red.

(see below)

4. Blush.. when you go “for it” on the foundation or BB cream, it’s important you have some colour coming in .

5. And lastly.. Mascara. But not too much. Gentle cat flicks on the eyelash with not too thick mascara ✌️😇

Hope it helps y’all and you use it ❤️❤️

Marryx 🇬🇧

the fear of being liked

I’m no psychologist .. I’m not a doctor. I’m not an adult. But I’m human which most can relate to..

Today I’m going to talk about our biggest fear,or my biggest fear. My fear is something I’m dependent on others for. My fear is something I’m not in control of. My fear is something that connotes with other destinies. My fear can destroy me.

My fear is the fear of being liked.

It starts with little comments from others.

Then we gain insecurities.

Then we become aware of new things we didn’t think of before.

Then we become much more careful what we say around others

And we act in a different way, to avoid people calling us out of trend, wet, lame, weird.

We change ourselves so that others have a good opinion of us,

We aren’t proud of who we are.

Embarrassed to do something because WHAT WILL OTHERS THINK OF ME?

Well if you don’t do what you want, people will think you only do things because you’re wanting people to like you.

Yes yes yes we know this

But we can’t help it

Aching for insta followers. But why? The amount of people that like you ? 11K people. Oh wow. None of these people know you, what you’re like, you’re nothing special. They just pressed a button on your name. On your post. And you think you’re better than me? The truth is, no you’re not, and you’ll never be, because millions of people can love you , you’ll still be sad. Only true love connotes with happiness. People in poverty are happy, wealthy people have committed suicide. This is reality.

My fear of being liked has dragged me to a point where I worry about others opinion of me so much, I don’t talk to people, I’m worried I’ll say something weird, or weird TO THEM.

It’s a mixture life. There is no such thing as the word everything , because there is no everything, there’s money, food, sadness, love, happiness, emotions, jobs , family . No one has everything , so don’t claim to. Or that someone else does.

No one has enough insight to someone else’s life. Take 13 Reasons Why as an example. Hannah Baker went through a lot. Justin didn’t think he was bad. Hannah’s parents didn’t think that she was depressed, they lived with her. People don’t show their emotions. Some things are kept inside.

Then these little thoughts that you thought were nothing seem to mean something. Then suddenly they become more frequent thoughts. Then they become regular thoughts. Then they become your actual thoughts.

Then it’s too late to express your feelings. Express your depression. People will think you’re joking.

People won’t understand.

Life is stingy. Do you ever question life? Isn’t it weird how you wake up live sleep love eat.

Back to my fear.

Others opinions run you. You dress a certain way. Eat a certain food. Speak a certain way. Everything you do has been ran by someone else.

But do you really think you’ll be an amazing person if you’re liked for someone you’re not? Or are you proud of your friends who would ditch you if you were yourself ? Truth is , we’ll only be happy the moment you are proud of who you are. When you’re content with your blessings. When you speak your heart . When you’re YOU. When you don’t wear kitten heels because your friends say trainers are ugly. Because no, you’re going to wear those trainers because YOU LIKE THEM and you’re not going to take them off because SOMEONE (else) DOESNT LIKE THEM.

The fear of being liked will drag on forever. It’s up to us what direction it goes, though.

Now lose your fear, be proud of the fact you’re reading this post, and start off your journey of being happy being you by sharing this post with 10 friends. If you don’t have that many friends then your relatives. Don’t have those? It’s okay. I know you would’ve tried if you did 😊

Be proud of being you


What fortnite guns are good for what ødâtâbāßéø

Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh yesssss 🤯🤯🤯 best fortnite guns for particular situations 💘☮️

Build battles

SMG (spray buildings like mad, I prefer compacts)

Shotgun (get that one extreme damaging hit when you meet in the top)

AR (clean finish)

Low 1v1 (no builds)

Shotgun (clean damage, e.g most damage by shotgun)

Clean finish by SMG or AR

1v2/3/4 (builds and heavy fight)

Shotgun first team mate till death

Shotgun other team mates and clean with AR

Use RPG from far distance and traps

Far distance

Far distance like farrrrrr,, is heavy sniper rifle

Close but far is hunting rifle

AR spray buildings

Heavy sniping battle but you are a bit close

ARs are the best for long range close attacks

Grenade launchers=

Remember this gun,, shoots GRENADES, SHOOT a bit far and sprayyyyyy

Rocket launchers =

Spray and shoot from far distance at them as a target 🎯 or buildings

Suppressed SMG =

Heavy heavy sprayyyyyy

And the drum gun… SPRAY LIKE HELL or use as an AR

Much love

Any others I miss£d? Comment below ❤️❤️

Marryx 😛😛

nonsensical Stranger things character review by a demogorgon

Sup y’all it’s yo demogirlllllllll herrreee…….

The flip season 3 is late AND it’s taken ages sn Netflix 😐😐

Will uh Byers was it…?

Oh wait yeah guys spoilers ahead but yeah

Will Byers..I think 🤔 wasn’t there much in season 1 , as his role was being rescued but season 2 his role is massive. The thing in his mind, can’t remember what it was cold (pun)..

Yeah the thing in his mind was the main thing of the series, the relief I felt when he was released from it. The whole map thing , was… iNsane 🤑🤬

Nancy wheeler or wt she is a strong INDEPENDAMY yoimg woman , god I sound weird but yesssss she is rated cause she don’t step down 💖🥰

Finn wolfhard, idk his show name, Mike or wtver is the best after Dustin 🤑 and bro you’re so good and like ☮️ ✌️

Dustin idek so funny so good my fav. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️🤩🤩🤩🙀

Nah fam Jacob or Michael oruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Wills brother, I think jomathom or at yeajhhhhh idkkokkkk

Steve Harrington is my fav as well 😊😄😆

Nopppppeeeee eleven or Millie bobby brown is 🥰

Joyce yeahhhhhhhh u got this

Professor or officer or uh ur rated

U. M I can’t remember the girlllllll she has orange hair firey suthigm and yhhhhh

Her bro is weirded up ✌️

Peace out, and follow my new art Instagram: abayart_uk

Thx marryx

What I use for skincare

Hey guys…

I wanted to share my skincare routine to you guys.

So the first thing, is my facial skin, as in my actual face.

I really wanted clear skin and no acne so I tried to make sure that wish was implemented.

Now this is the face wash I use.

I use it everyday and it clears my skin and makes it feel very fresh.

After that, I dry my face with a towel and put my cream on.

This is the face cream I use.

On the occasion I use this aloe Vera gel to bring hydration.

Now, for my lips:

I brush my lips with a toothbrush twice a day for 10 seconds, killing dead skin cells, also it makes my lips pink.

I use this rosy lips Vaseline

This papaya lip balm

I use this bb cream as an alternate to concealer as it is a bit more disguising I guess (lol).

These face masks are used about 1x a week if I’m being consistent, which I’m not usually.

For my eyelashes and brows I use either castor oil or kalahari melon seed oil as seen below

My beauty wipes after I do makeup

And that’s just about it… hope you guys enjoyed

Avengers nonsensical Endgame Review summarised

Avengers … ASSEMBLE!

Yes guys, it’s out, and I saw it like idk when but I’m making a review now so ahhh yeah

There are spoilers so yeah deal wit it..

Before I watched this I played avengers fortnite LTM which introduced me to the..


Avengers endgame began one advert after I entered the cinema, it was extremely chaotic as Scott Lang tries to enter the Avenger HQ. I found that… seriously.. after all that.. they JUST LET HIM IN? So yeah.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys, I liked the OLD CASSIE MORE. And how could she grow from like 6 to 15 in 5 years,,, doesn’t make sense.

In Ant Man and the wasp, as we know , Antman enters the quantum realm, in which begins to turn into dust as a foreshadowing to Infinity War, and now endgame.

Ant Mans contribution was massive as they used his suits, his idea, I suppose he needs a lot of credit, and a fan page.

Next up, Thor. Thor needs gym. We all know. Thor needs gym. Thor was playing fortnite if any of you guys realised lyyyyyyy. Anyway he didn’t contribute much, the axe thing was confusing but yeah, I think Thor, needs to go gym and be a bit more productive.

Now up…. hulk. Yeah he was ok.

Next, doctor strange, what did he do again?

Black panther.. yeah man wakanda forever dude yeah ok

If you look at the Luxe fortnite skin it looks like Chori black panthers sis

Ok and now the MANNNNNNNNNN


You saved the world iron man. Respect.

I appreciate your existence,

Iron man.

Sincerely, me.

Spidey is a heck of spideyness of spideycourse

So who did I miss?

Oh yeahhhh black widow

Yeah ur getting your own film.. which means

A) prequel

B) what happens after the soul stone thingy .. which would be so interesting but less likely

Hawkeye yeah man ur a nice guy ..

Oh and Thanos.

Bro you are like, a one in a planet 🌍 human but I’ll take that, cause so is your power.

Neat .

Yeah you’re dead and I’m happy .

I don’t care if I missed anything


Best Netflix Stuffs 2019 in my opinion (😵)

hey y’all it’s yo girl 👧, idek what username I used when I posted da hellll I did but les jus call meeee , mxrryn… I think that’s what I called myself before anyway ..

So you’re a tough guy, like a really rough guy……… DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (🥰I’m a bad guy 🥰)

so yyeaaaahhhhhh these stuff ain’t for innocent minds like a 👶, full of 😉😉🤫🤫 stuff that you can forward but yehaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  • Stranger things- not really much unsanitary actions 🤫, language is a bit passionate 🤤. A monster breaks out into a normal world, bascically enters a guys mind, corrupts the world, kills people, very interesting.. characters look HUMAN 😉
  • 13ry.. 13 reasons why features Clay Jensen exploring the 13 reasons Hannah Baker 👩‍🍳 committed suicide, which turns out to be 13 people. There’s PG content I would advise not watching if under 14, which dismisses my case as I first saw it when I was much younger🙄
  • TATBILB…. aka to all the boys I’ve loved before. perfect romance film 🎞 good plot 💞 basically a girl writes a letter to 5 boys she likes, with no intent to give it to them, she made it for herself, but her younger sister ….. decides to send those letters. Goes extremely well… not.. she faints 😂❤️❤️
  • Selection day. Language is 😜😜. Two sons father desires for them to become cricket players with huge passion, it’s cost turns out to be the life of their mother, their education, and from them living a life, but that’s not enough for the father to stop. He’s left to learn when they become superstars and use that as an advantage to get him out of their life.
  • A little help with carol burnett, kids solve adult problems … what could go wrong ? Neat Friday night family program 😉😂
  • Twilight sagas.., u probably seen it already but yhhhhhhhh ,gg 💖✊💙💙 a girl is paired with a classmate who is a vampire that can reads minds . He can’t read hers.
  • What happened to Monday. Due to too many citizens there it’s a limit to 1child per parent/s. A lady has 7 identical children and dies. Her father must look after them, and decides to name them to the days of the week. They use one identity when travelling.., very interesting go watchhh
  • ASOue, just go and look at it.
  • Anne with an e. An orphan adopted , but she isn’t any orphan. She has an imagination.
  • Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy PRETTY LITTLE 🤥 LIARS 🤩🤩😊. Four of five girls I can’t remember …. are being stalked. 😼enough said.

That closes uppp

A duh duh duh 🙄 show me a piece of ur heart…. duh duh duh uh uh down down 💜

Fake love till next time,


(Where is my autocorrect… I said whatever 🙄🙄🙄🙄)

The fault in our stars conclusion…? Yeah

Hey guys so today I’m posting about a book I recently read… so basically im sorry for not being consistent and lie yeah 8 really can’t be consistent lol with school preparing for exams and playing games…. there should be an apex legends review coming up soon and a why fortnite is now dead post because yeahhhhhhhh it is.

Anyway that lil update out of the way let’s go on to the fault in our stars review

Augustus waters is like a total ideal in life………………..,,. Anywayyyy yeah gett8ng in to the plotttttt

So basically you see an angelic guy( that’s blonde, by the Way). And he legit asks this person he just met if they wanna watch a film…. at his house……….. bit creepy I’d totally say no but then again that’s me , not Hazel Grace.

Hazel grace agrees and there we go, the beginning of a very interesting more than friends friendship hasasaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaa

Shout-out to @falakio123 (my fav cousin) on Instagram who inspired me to read this book.

So when u look at an imperial affliction related scenes you don’t really acknowledge how Important that killing AF book that is mannnnnnnnn,,,,

The book wS based on a relative to the author who was surviving through cancer, it never had a “proper ending” because the relative ended up dying which is the saddest bit to find out in the book, man, life is such a sad list of broken hearts, never getting what u want and misunderstandings. Oh yeah and did I mention every time you love 💗 someone , they die. (Proved in this book and general novels such as warrior cats, I’ve been told)

Anyway I’m sorry you’re having to read like 50 lines of me talking about practically nothing.


Not funny…….

WTH is wrong with me today


Back to the book.

Oh yeah , Augustus died RIP RIP RIP RIP XXXX

💙RIP Augustus waters you didn’t deserve to die

💚 Sorry hazel u ain’t going to find no one better

💛 Life really is a rollercoaster that only goes up

🧡 Even tho I don’t have cancer, I know now that they’re only people who are “sick” but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to live a life.

❤️ Only the bravest will do the things they did



💔 isn’t it sad she lost the love of her life a few weeks after she found him?


Hope u found that boring stuff interesting………….. lol…. not………….I’m in suuuuuuuuchhhh a weird mood.

###########this is Halsey signing offfffffff……..not

One of us is lying book review

The ending plot is discussed in this review.

I would rate this around 14+ and for people who can take on mature concepts in novels, around 12/13. Many 12 year olds will not understand some of the concepts used and also not be able to handle the bad language. So a 14 year old can generally understand all aspects of the story and it’s concepts without actually letting it take over their young innocent minds.., jk

Anyway so NATE- the criminal is of course the number one suspect. Despite being a drug dealer and stuff he’s actually such a nice cute guy. Addy’s life is kind of sad ,, I wanted jake to come back together again but yeah he’s actually much more important than just a breakup, he’s a silenced witness, you could say.

Cooper was interesting, you know, I really felt what he was saying, even though I doubt I’ll ever be there, the ways his feelings are described naturally hit me hard, and I really felt it.

I feel sorry for keely.

Brownyn was pretty nice,being like, you know the casual really classy background type that breaks rules 😂👿👿 and totes reminds me of me.

Simon committing suicide in that way made me feel like all he ever wanted was to be valued and important. The blog was so that everyone knew he exists, and he played an important role in their life , in this case, he was THE SABOTAGE. But from his death, you can tell, he only wanted to be special, he wanted people to talk about him, and that’s why he committed suicide by drinking a glass of water in a detention room , with 5 students that had no alibi.

And basically, none of them, were you know, lying.

That just about closed this review,

Mxrryn xxxx

Fortnite season 7 Gameplay review

well…thats season 6’s minimap…well, you could say- last season. Generally (yes, I love that word), its pretty nice.
The new airplane is nice, although going to take a while to get used to the driving (PC).
Zipline sequences and travelling is also a bit confusing but won’t be that difficult to get used to either.
Minimap changes are OK.
Happy hamlet is OK.
Frosty flights is pretty nice.
Polar peak is not that bad.
Snobby…still snobby.
10 balloons instead of 20…we’ll live.
No double barrel? ru srssssss??????
No chiller? cmon epic@!!!!
they haven’t fixed the in game holograms lobby thing.
redeploy not on still……come on epic when will u realise
MAKE GIFTING permanent!!
Creative is Okay but I got kind of boreddddd I built a Chelsea stadium for 4hours…no regrets tho 🙂
no shadow stones awgggg\

anyway that just about sums up this season 7 game play review
have a lurrrrrrvly dayyy
MXrrrrrrryyynnnnnnn xxxxxxxxooooooxxxxxx

Famous chapter one


Today’s Most Read Headline

Young hero Noah Black has become an inspiration for all youth after saving a life yesterday in a car crash that took place in New York City, Brooklyn. During the accident, Noah has been witnessed to open the car door and do CPR on one of the victims, although help was on the way, it is said that if CPR hadn’t been done in the next few seconds, the life of 7-Year-Old Hayley Branson would have ended.

Hayley Branson’s mother and father, Linda Cromwell and Jack Branson were hospitalised after the fatal accident, but are now recovering rapidly.

Noah Black’s response on the incident is that what he did “just happened without thinking”. As Noah Black’s mother is currently in an emergency responses department, she claims that her son ‘takes after her intellect’ alongside, has ‘learnt from what she has taught him’.

That was mum. Always taking the spotlight. I saved a life, on my own, when she was asleep, in bed, but no, she still gets the cred for it. And you know, the funniest bit is, she never taught me anything. She works in an emergency responses department? I had actually had no idea, but maybe, if she’d sat down and remembered she had a son to talk to every once in a while, I’d probably be more clued up.

I hated my life. Every adult thought im some loser that they don’t want their kids around. To be fair, im kind of not your casual A* GCSES lets revise right now guy, but if there was one guy who you could totally rely on, Im your guy.


hey guys
this month I will probably not be posting much as you have seen, January I will hopefully be back in the flow.
ive been working on what I promised and yes that should be up soon but other then that- time for a break!
so yeah tune in from the 20th for that excitement but I’m officially on a break at the moment.

have a great December,
mxrryn x

Start a nature journal!

This post is on how to do a nature journal.

Nature does a lot of good for your mind and gives inner relaxation.

So you probably would need a bullet journal styled journal.

  1. Get your bullet journal, or whatever you would like to use for your nature journaling.
  2. Get any supplies you might need (paint, pencils, chalk)
  3. Do your writing outside / if you can, on location.
  4. Write the date and time.
  5. Illustrate your notes.
  6. Explore. find out more about whatever you observed.
  7. Schedule a time- be it monthly, weekly, or daily, have a time of doing it.

Here are some ideas:

-Nature photography










 -Fun facts


-Write about natural sounds

 -e.g rain

Do a gratitude journal!

Hey guys and todays post is about doing a gratitude journal.

So what you need:

-A book – a5/a4


So you can get a book and design the cover a bit, maybe get a colour in pukka pad 

You can just use a normal book if you want though.

Anyway so in your gratitude journal, its all about being grateful.

So I think you should focus on people, not things.

Write things people did that made you happy.

Little things, big things.

Write what you felt.

Write about what you’re grateful for, basically.

About who*

Its good to spend about 5 minutes everyday thinking of all the things that went well. Anyway that just about concludes.

Also here is a link to a really good pukka pad notebook:

MXRRYN offline …


So um today is about the best fortnite content creators. They are summed down to 10… and I think I did something like this a few months ago… but anyway- here we go! Its quite difficult to find the best content to help you play. Also I narrowed it to 10, but NICKMERCS// nICK Eh 30 are pretty cool as well.

  1. Ceeday

Youtuber – Uploads Humour related fortnite content.

Best video in my opinion: fortnite gone toxic

Creator code: ceedayy

  • Symfuhny

Most of the FaZe members are quite good at the game, seeing as it is a GAMING clan so yeah. Anyway uhm I like watching Symfuhny because of his communication with stream, and hes also good at the game and a building fanatic.

I think his creator code is symfuhny but you might want to double check that.

Hes also a streamer but uploads best gameplays on YouTube.,



I started watching ceeday after fearless

His best video in my opinion is the why u bully me, and 11 minutes of dank fortnite memes. TOTALLY extremely funny and yeahshshshshsh//

Hes a joke.

  • SypherPK

Streamer… and youtuber. I like the video called we broke the game or something like that //also hes a legit amazin trapper and I want to be AS good as him one day .

Anyway yeah I watch him streaming nrly every day and yeah that’s one way to spend your time.

  • Imtimthetatman

Tim is really fun and makes good content that is quality. Also he like does random squads on that random account and stuff, and he helps others get good views and stuff. So yeah hes a nice guy and stuff.

Also like most of the people here- a streamer who uploads his good games.

  • NinjA

Sweaty Try Hard.

Streamer who uploads only amazing games.

Yeah basically.

  • TFUE

ANOTHER sweaty try hard, part of FaZe.



  • Loeya

A girl gamer- creator code: Loeyalist 

She does random squads on Saturdays with her fans- Loeyalist day!

And shes interesting to watch *from Sweden

  • Cizzorz

Another FaZe member. 

  1. VinicusAmazing

Fortnite youtuber

Has most wins in the world.

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges // EUROGAMER

Fortnite Week 10 Challenges list- CREDIT TO EUROGAMER

Here are all available Fortnite Challenges for Season 6 in reverse chronological order – so starting with the most recent week’s challenges first!

Week 10 Challenges (November 29th 2018)

  • Build Structures (250 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Visit a Viking ship, a camel, and a crashed Battle Bus (3 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search Chests at Tilted Towers or Paradise Palms (7 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Place Mounted Turrets in different matches (3 Total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Land at locations stages: (5 Total, 5 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Land at Lazy Links
    • Stage 2: Snobby Shores
    • Stage 3: Lucky Landing
    • Stage 4: Lonely Lodge
    • Stage 5: Salty Springs
  • Complete vehicle timed trials (3 Total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Elimination stages (3 Total, 10 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Shotgun Eliminations
    • Stage 2: Assault Rifles
    • Stage 3: Pistols

Week 9 Challenges (November 22nd 2018)

  • Get 30s of airtime in a vehicle (30 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Get a score of 10 or more in different carnival clown boards (3 total)
  • Consume items stages (10 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Consume Mushrooms
    • Stage 2: Small Shield Potions
    • Stage 3: Shield Potions
    • Stage 4: Chug Jugs
  • Deal damage to players with a Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade (300 Total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Deal damage to opponent structures with Dynamite (10,000 Total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Rocket or Grenade Launcher Eliminations (3 Total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Deal damage stages (10 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Deal damage with Grenades to opponents (100 total)
    • Stage 2: Deal damage with Grenade Launchers to opponents (100 total)
    • Stage 3: Deal damage with Rocket Launchers to opponents (100 total) 

Week 8 Challenges (November 15th 2018)

  • Visit locations stages (5 stages)
    • Stage 1: Visit Lonely Lodge and Retail Row in a single match (1 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 2: Visit Junk Junkyard and Pleasant Park in a single match (1 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 3: Visit Flush Factory and Fatal Fields in a single match (1 Battle Stars) 
    • Stage 4: Visit Haunted Hills and Lazy Links in a single match (1 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 5: Visit Tomato Temple and Shifty Shafts in a single match (1 Battle Stars)
  • Dance with a fish trophy at different Named Locations (7 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Six Shooter or Heavy Assault Rifle Eliminations (2 Total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Get a score of 3 on different Clay Pigeon Shooters (3 Total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Get Trick Points in a vehicle (250,000 Total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Visit different Named Locations in a single match (4 Total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Use items stages (3 stages, 10 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Use a Grappling Gun
    • Stage 2: Use a Launch Pad 
    • Stage 3: Use a Rift-To-Go

Week 7 Challenges (November 8th 2018)

  • Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a single match (7 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Deal Headshot Damage to opponents (500 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Deal damage to opponents stages (3 Stages)
    • Stage 1: Deal damage to opponents in a single match (300 total, 2 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 2: Deal damage to opponents in a single match (400 total, 2 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 3: Deal damage to opponents in a single match (500 total, 2 Battle Stars)
  • Destroy objects stages – tip: objects in the pre-game loading area count! (3 stages)
    • Stage 1: Destroy trees (50 total, 1 Battle Star)
    • Stage 2: Destroy rocks (25 total, 1 Battle Star)
    • Stage 3: Destroy cars (10 total, 1 Battle Star)
  • Skydive through floating Rings (20 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Consume items stages (4 stages)
    • Stage 1: Consume 5 Apples (5 total, 2 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 2: Consume 60 Bandages (60 total, 2 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 3: Consume 100 Medkits (100 total, 2 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 4: Consume 50 Slup (50 total, 2 Battle Stars)
  • Eliminate opponents in Pleasant Park (3 total, 10 Battle Stars)

Week 6 Challenges (November 1st 2018)

  • Place Chillers in different matches (3 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search a Chest in different Named Locations (7 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Shotgun Eliminations (3 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Landing Stages (5 total, 10 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Land at Shifty Shafts (1 total, 1 Battle Star)
    • Stage 2: Land at Risky Reels
    • Stage 3: Land at Retail Row
    • Stage 4: Land at Haunted Kills
    • Stage 5: Land at Leaky Lake
  • Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents (250 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Sheet Music Stages (4 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Elimination Stages (5 total, 10 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Elimination with a Common weapon (1 total, 2 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 2: TBC
    • Stage 3: TBC
    • Stage 4: TBC
    • Stage 5: TBC

Week 5 Challenges (October 25th 2018)

  • Record a speed of 27 or more on different Radar Signs (5 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Jump through flaming hoops with a Shopping Cart or ATK (5 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Deal Damage (3 total, 10 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Deal Damage with Tactical Shotguns to opponents
    • Stage 2: Deal Damage with Pump Shotguns to opponents
    • Stage 3: Deal Damage with Heavy Shotguns to opponents
  • Deal damage with Tactical Shotguns to opponents (200 total, s)
  • Eliminate an opponent from closer than 5m away (2 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Minigun Eliminations (2 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Deal Damage (3 total, 10 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Deal damage with standard Pistols to opponents
    • Stage 2: Deal Damage with silent Pistols to opponents
    • Stage 3: Deal Damage with Hand Canons to opponents

Week 4 Challenges (October 18th 2018)

Week 3 Challenges (October 11th 2018)

  • Revive a player in different matches (5 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Damage Trap Eliminations (1 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Search a Chest Stages (5 total, 5 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Search a Chest in Lonely Lodge
    • Stage 2: Search a Chest in Retail Row
    • Stage 3: Search a Chest in Snobby Shores
    • Stage 4: Search a Chest in Fatal Fields
    • Stage 5: Search a Chest in Pleasant Park
  • Visit locations (3 total, 10 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Visit Risky Reels and Wailing Woods in a single match
    • Stage 2: Visit Paradise Palms and Dusty Divot in a single match
    • Stage 3: Visit Greasy Grove and Leaky Lake in a single match
    • Stage 3: Lucky Landing and Tilted Towers in a single match
    • Stage 3: Snobby Shores and Salty Springs in a single match
  • Hit a player with a Tomato 15m away or more (1 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Complete timed trials (3 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Eliminate an opponent in different matches (10 total, 10 Battle Stars)

Week 2 Challenges (October 4th 2018)

  • Visit all of the Corruped Areas (7 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Use a Shadow Stone in different matches (3 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Deal damage Stages (3 total)
    • Stage 1: Deal damage with standard Assault Rifles to opponents (200 total, 3 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 2: Deal damage with burst Assault Rifles to opponents (200 total, 3 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 3: Deal damage with silenced Assault Rifles to opponents (200 total, 4 Battle Stars)
  • Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away (1 Total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Deal damage Stages (5 total)
    • Stage 1: Deal damage with Hunting Rifles (200 total 3 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 2: Deal damage with Bolt Action Sniper Rifles (200 total 3 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 3: Deal damage with Heavy Sniper Rifles (200 total 4 Battle Stars)
  • Deal damage with Pistols to opponents (500 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • SMG Eliminations (3 total, 10 Battle Stars)

Week 1 Challenges (September 27th 2018)

  • Pickup a Legendary Item in different matches (3 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Regain health from a Cozy Campfire (150 total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search Stages (3 total, 10 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Search Chests
    • Stage 2: Search Supply Drops
    • Stage 3: Search Llamas
  • Apply Shields (500 Total, 5 Battle Stars)
  • Land at different location stages (1 total, 5 Battle Stars)
    • Stage 1: Land at Junk Junction
    • Stage 2: Land at Tomato Temple
    • Stage 3: Land at Tilted Towers
    • Stage 4: Land at Fatal Fields
    • Stage 5: Land at Flush Factory
  • Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights (7 total, 10 Battle Stars)
  • Eliminate opponents in different Named Locations (5 total, 10 Battle Stars)

As well as the above, there were these earlier in the season:

Fortnitemares Halloween Event Challenges (no longer active)

  • Destroy Cube Monsters (200 total, 500XP Reward)
  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to Cube Monsters (5,000 total, 500XP Reward)
  • Visit a Corrupted Area in different matches (7 total, 500XP Reward)
  • Dance at different Gargoyles (5 total, 500XP Reward)
  • Destroy Cube Fiends (500XP Reward)
  • Deal damage with Shotguns or SMGs to Cube Monsters (500XP Reward)
  • Eliminate opponents at Corrupted Areas (500XP Reward)
  • Destroy a Ghost Decoration in different Named Locations (500XP Reward)
  • Destroy Cube Brutes (500XP Reward)
  • Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to Cube Monsters (500XP Reward)
  • Search Chests in Corrupted Areas (500XP Reward)
  • Search Stages:
    • Stage 1: Visit Wailing Woods (150XP Reward)
    • Stage 1: Visit Fatal Fields (150XP Reward)
    • Stage 1: Visit Haunted Hills (150XP Reward)
  • Destroy Elite Cube Monsters (500XP Reward)
  • Damage Cube Fragments (500XP Reward)
  • Deal damage to Cube Monsters in a single match (500XP Reward)
  • Visit four different Corrupted Areas in a single match (500XP Reward)
  • Destroy Cube Fragments (500XP Reward)
  • Complete all above Fortnitemares Challenges (500XP Reward)


THIS MONTH !creator code:ceedayy

Hey guys,

So it’s a new month… again

And this month I just wanted to go over some achievements, and some ideas for next month.

Also if you’ve been reading my blog, then thank you, because although I only have 19 followers, my blog has got… well, we can get to that later.

Firstly, this month we got 73 people, concluding in the exact of 145 views this month.

We got 57 from UK, 43 from US, 11 from India, 10 from Turkey, 4 from Russia and Finland (each), 3 from Canada, and 1 from Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong SAR China, Qatar, Australia, Kenya and Croatia.

So yeah, thank you so much for that.

Last month I gave my blog to my family and friends and that’s how I reached 275 views last month, however this month I decided to keep it simple and stick to online. Next month, ill most probably give it to everyone… once again, and keep it online, and we’ll see how that goes.

Next month I intend to do some dead-on quality posts.

Which includes:

-Fortnite Season 7 FULL Battle pass review

-Fortnite Season 7 FULL Map/IN-Game Changes review


-One of us is lying Book review




-Fortnite complete RPG/Trap/Explosive tricks and tips

anyway so you guys have things to look forward to….
mxrryn XO JimIN JimOUT


Hey there and welcome to the post.
This post is informative of a few different guns available in Fortnite and we used them for in season 5.
Nowadays things are kind of different.. I guess with the last ones.
Each gun specialises a certain category, and by following it you can get a victory royale!

Pump Shotgun / Tactical Shotgun

These guns are good for close combat, using these as one shot to lower the opponents’ health and the using a rifle that will knock out/ eliminate the player.

Assault Rifles / Tactical Submachines

After shotgunning the opponent, it is vital to use a rifle. Rifle are free weapons with huge ammo, they can cater for any opportunity, their main target is opponents with health damage.

Miniguns / Light Machine Guns / Rocket Launchers / Grenade Launchers

These are originally used to break building and can be used for that purpose solely. If you were to get an elimination it would be extremely rare.

Thats all for now…mxrrynxo

Not privileged?


:herb: There are so many things I haven’t had, so many people I haven’t met, so many things I’ve never done. But does that mean I am not privelleged? :herb:

:fallen_leaf: The first thing you need is a paper and pen, think of all the things you DO have. :fallen_leaf:







:tulip: Those were five things I thought of in a few seconds, imagine I spent a whole day thinking! The thing is, even if you don’t think it, everything is a blessing. You are blessed even if you don’t think it, because you have so much, you have a phone, you have food, you have education, even if you don’t want any of those things, your being provided with them and they cause a smile to your face, somehow. :tulip:

Poem 1

I see people struggling with



suicidal feelings

I want to help

hug them

or listen when they rant

and I try

but I can’t understand

what does it feel like

to not be able to breathe because the walls are closing in on you?

what does it feel like

to want to leave this world with a bang, or a cut, or a pill?

I don’t know

but I give you a hug

and let you talk

I’ve never felt that way

all I can think is that

I wouldn’t be able to stand it

but somehow you do

and you are so brave

By Kate (Washington), from

“Once you JIMin you can’t JIMout” July. OK, E R R O R 4 0 4. “So a quote is: “it’ll turn out alright in the end, you’ll see” and privileges are very important. If we didn’t have privileges,we wouldnt do very important things. Privileges are different than responsibilities. A responsibility is something we must do, but a privilege is something that can be taken away from us. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves from having our privileges taken away. #DalmiSpeaks

You are deeply privelleged and I think so. You are deeply privellged to be reading this. I mean I didn’t have wifi for a month before LOL (depressing\)





the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature

From Google

❁Cyber bullying❁

Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic forms of contact. Cyberbullyinghas become increasingly common, especially among teenagers.

From Wikepedia


❁What is Cyber bullying?❁

Above are definitions, but what is the real cyber bullying, why do people do it, how do you deal with it, how do you avoid it and how do you diffrenciate other types of bullying with it?


❁Why do people cyber bully?

You commonly find cyber bullies are depressed people. They are people who are sad or mad or angry at others or themselves because they have mental disorders or social problems. They take all their anger out on you because they are angry and even though you haven’t done anything, the bully finds cyber bullying you entertaining. They also do it to cause comical reactions from their friends. You’ve got to remember it is NOT OKAY.


❁How do you deal with Cyber Bullies?❁

Firstly, block them off and flag their messages, screenshot then before doing so. If they return, under a different name or under another account, you have got to tell an adult. Their threatens are nothing, they can know where you live and they can threaten You, but an adult must be informed, it is strictly for your safety and your self esteem’ s sake. If they focus on your Religion, race, culture or anything personal, you can tell a police as these comments may be illegal and cause a consequence for the bully.


❁How do you avoid Cyber Bullying?❁

You should block off all dodgy people and you should NEVER contact people you don’t know when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and instragram etc, because it is much more dangerous than Amino, since that is a very famous place where all sorts of dangerous people hang around..Never share you deets with strangers and always simply block off strangers who want to contact you when they say something dodgy.


❁What is the different from this bullying to other types?❁

Simply put across, Cyber Bullying is done on the internet, wheras normal verbal or psychological or physical bullying is in real life.


..And remember you are not alone! Tell someone responsible as soon as something like this happens!

I hope you enjoyed reading that meaningful post of mine, good bye :wink:

Self respect

Almost everyone has lied once, but what if you lied again? People shouldnt be lied to twice. You may lie so that your outside reputation is clear; but what you may not know, is that a clear inside reputation is better than the outside. Your self-respect of yourself is depending on your behaviour. Your reputation is what others think of you, and your self-respect is what you think of yourself. If you dont have Self-respect, then you will soon come to think the least of yourself. Your behaviour is also depending on your Self-respect.

:cherry_blossom: How do we get Self-Respect :cherry_blossom:

Interestingly, your idea of self respect is what you will intend to achieve. Self-Respect is something you gain yourself, however you wish to.

:cherry_blossom: Why do we need Self-Respect :cherry_blossom:

We need self-respect so that our deeds and actions are good; Self-Respect means to have faith in yourself, never to give up, thinking of consequences and making sure your actions are good.

I hope you enjoyed and learnt from this short, but meaningful post.

extra chapter one….

I was dropped to school. It was a tremendous effort of mine, to get up ever so early on the first of september, and be trudged all the way to an enormous building that homes education.

Exerton High School was a huge, broad building. The famous, high elementary walls were creamed in alumina, solvent cement. There were around three windows to each classroom, every window had a round, venetian shape and was curtained with velvet. There were monolithic bricks that cement circulated, the porch was long and pillared, with shaded ionic grass making the place look beautifully lush. The door shouted out solicitation as it was heavy with a massive rear, its panelled glass elaborately shined for the occasion.

As I walked inside, my mother sweetly smiled and said goodbye, for this was the last time i would see her until the already awaited half term. I hung my coat on the huge, magnetic rack and took my enormous suitcase to the dormitory.

The monumental stairs helped me express my mourn. I had never wanted to go to this school, however famous or expensive it was. Why did life always switch around as soon as things had became great?

My room was a shared, comfortable bedroom with four vascular beds, a designer wardrobe with four compartments, an analytic couch, flamboyant dresser, gorgeous silken curtains, personal bookshelves, and an editorial, rosewood desk.

My Dorm-mates were three other girls.

There was Alyssa, a sweet thirteen-year-old with rosy cheeks, she was charming and brightly coloured. Her blue eyes and honey coloured hair embellished the pretty girl she already was and also had her own horse, the same as mine; an Arabian cheshire. I had detested her suitcase as it was a fluffy pink with blue zipline and a very childish desire, but Alyssa in person, was actually much nicer than I had thought.

There Vanessa, a blonde girl with swift waves and a delicate, made up face. She looked very determined and also seemed very determined to become Exerton’s not only most popular, but most clever student as well. She used several undesirable elegant statements from centuries ago such as “woe betide” and she didn’t have a cell phone, let alone a mobile. Her stern, pale face expressed anger, hurt and stiffness.

Lastly, There was Anissa, she had a flushed face and a very slender body. Her long hair was at the end of her back and was dyed a magnificent cerulean, velvet blue that shone. She was very bold and outgoing, with her wicked sense of humour and the countless jokes she preserved for the perfect timings.

I think they thought of my medium length hair and its glossiness as extensions, especially when Vanessa questioned which shop i got them done. I replied “None” and she sniffed. I think my blonde hair was the best out of everyone’s, not to be a boast. My mother’s Albanian and Chinese roots gave the glossiness towards my hair (even though my mother has brown hair) and perhaps my father played a part when it came to the blondeness and sleekness.

It didn’t take long for me to realise Anissa had a jealous grudge of Vanessa. I thought that Anissa was envious of her beauty but it turned out to be something completely else; her attention. I had always centered attention, at home or at school, and it was definitely not something to be jealous of. Why Anissa didn’t understand this was quite queer and I dropped the matter, hoping she would silence over it as well.

Anissa’s common, ordinary looks were not so ordinary. She had sparkling, wide eyes, drawn eyebrows, a delicate, friendly face and pretty, smooth, long hair. I knew that she wasn’t going to be easy living with, at all.

I should’ve knew that sooner.



At Dinner Time, I walked leisurely down the stairs. I was still getting used to my surroundings. The dining table was long and rectangular, taking acres of the huge, empty room. The corridors stuck out as even larger, different doors visible and different types of wreaths scattered around in the frames. There were photographs of schoolgirls from the “North Wing”. They had their hair in plaits, and a graceful, huge, blue bow on either side. The uniform was very neat and distinctive. I thought the pinafore was a bit mottled grey, and the grayish blue was also very dull. The white shirts were also very raw and plain. Was that meant to be our uniform?

“Attention Girls!” everyone looked up to see a fat woman, who was holding a harvested cane. “I am sure you are all settling in well” she shuffled pompously. “I wanted to clarify a few things. To start off with, the rules are promptly to be sent with the maid of your dorm upon your arrival back after dinner” she spoke of it as an arrival to France from Spain, perhaps. “Your uniform is already in your drawers, as part of your personal cupboard components. “Now you may begin to eat” she snuffed grumpily.

The dinner appeared to be greasy, fat chicken with puffed rice. There was some thin, sour, doughy bread with some watery milk. The dinner appeared to be extremely poor quality, despite the fees and the dorm.

I walked up to the dorm, when Arona Kandahar, a maid, walked inside and handed us each a booklet. I opened it up.


false hope (WIP poem)

sup this is a wip poem let me know what you think ……

Feels like a part of me is fading away,

Some kind of force just making me go,

I have a hope i’ll love me someday,

Just don’t wanna pretend i’m still the kid you knew a few years ago.

Waiting for things that aint gonna happen,

It’s what they say we should do,

It’s a desire, gonna stay that way,

But when wishes fade your gonna wish you knew.

Hope keeping tons alive,

Commit suicide if you can’t survive,

You’ll realise its false hope that i couldn’t describe.

Need to let it go,

People that left aren’t going to come back,

Dreams are there cause they’re dreams,

Then you wake up again and all your faith is once again holding you back.

Let you down again,

How many times will it take,

When will you learn,

Life doesn’t always end with a heartache.


no one is perfect

You know how there’s always a lock and a key? There is also always a problem and a solution. There are always problems, things that hold us back, things that make us feel bad, things that makes me and You want to quit. We just want to go back :back: but we should never leave our dreams. Everyday we have two choices ; sleep your dreams or chase them.

Never Give Up. Stay Strong. Be Motivated.

Everyone is always going on about how they are inspired by whoever and aspire to whoever. Well, if you really want to be a successful person who is aspired to, then you’ve got to let yourself be inspired properly. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is :100: perfect. Everyone has some flaws, some problems, everyone has friendship issues, everyone gives up easily, everyone is tired of backing down but the change starts with you, not anyone else. No one will just change like the weather. If you :thought_balloon: think that people are the reason that you are feeling down, then talk to those people the best way you can and then just be patient. No one is perfect.


rules of the road {poem}

I made this poem for people who just can’t follow the rules of the road!!!!

If it was every day and you had a car accident,

Life for you would be as sour as my taste for a blackcurrant.

Drive slowly,

Drive carefully,

Rules feel harsh forcefully,

But following them, things would go on gorgeously,

Follow the rules of the road to drive fearlessly,

Make people look at you cheerfully,

Follow the rules of the road so you can have certainty,

Be careful and your car will continue on successfully.

Turn the volume down,

Unless you want a breakdown.

Keep your phone out of view,

Surely it will help you.

Ensure you wear your seatbelt,

And in the seat you will have your presence felt.

Never forget to have conversations on the side of the road,

Because a police might come as a sneaking toad.

Wait for the traffic light,

Do not be impatient and ask for a fight.

Remember to let pedestrians cross on the zebra crossing,

Because your fine for not doing it could be shocking.

Rules of the road are there for your safety,

You don’t want to end up being arrested on the navy.

Next time be more careful,

Be aware of the rules as they are helpful.

It’s easy to remember the rules of the road,

Easier than cracking a code,

You’ll be safe that way,

And that is all i have to say.



Hi guys.

So its been requested for me to do a coyote review on my jam-a-grams (my username is Queenposh10) so i decided to finally do one. Personally i think the coyotes are really cute and look alot like the arctic foxes. The sleeping move is very good because its not all curled up like almost every other animal. Also, the playing move is super cute and i think the coyote is a must have!


Darkness within me

The poem is WIP hope you guys like that little bit of it though…

Besides the angel before you

There is a much darker side within me

Sometimes the demons in my head are crying to break through

I don’t think this is the way it is meant to be

Tempation rises

And i feel something that says

Do it since no one realises

But then it becomes hard to get rid of my tempted ways.

No one knows

The darkness is so intense

yet my inside glows

And the demons fight in their defense

Its no ones fault

Just my own

The demons existence is definitely known.


reviewing season 6!! |fortnite

Reviewing season 6 | fortnite

Hey guys

So todays post is based on fortnite.

In this post I will be reviewing the entire season six battle pass.

Okay so you start off with two pretty lit skins- DJ Yonder and Calamity. Calamity’s transformation is most probably the best part of all the season 6 skins, but ill get on to that later in the post.


DJ Yonder’s tagline went by “all great parties need a DJ” or something along those lines. It’s a pretty lit skin but obviously Calamity looks way better (in my opinion).


So the next skin im going to talk about is the Llama guy….. so I think its quite weird (obviously) but its quite nice In its own kind of way.

Okay so next up was fable, the forest isn’t safe… from her. It’s pretty relaxed and neat and overall an OK outfit.


Dusk is fantastic !!


Tier 100 was a bit disappointing to be honest because its just not the best, its OK, but trust me, we’ve had way better.

The emotes were pretty NEAT- FLAMENCO ALL THE WAY, SLITHERIN, its go time (lol!) and running man was OK.


So of course the emoticons were nice as well… as usual.

This season I decided not to buy battle pass and to challenge myself to see how far I could get without it. Currently im tier 45 nearly 46, so not THAT bad.

The funny thing is the first time I bought battle pass I reached tier 40 WITH IT- meaning ive really improved 😀

Last season I reached tier 75 w/BP so yeah I know its bad but I hardly even played.

I cant be asked to do tiers on battle royale because wats the point now I just want to play the game for getting good and not for emotes/skins, obviously those are nice and stuff but I don’t really feel the need for it at the moment as I have quite a few.

Anyway I bought save the world and NO REGRETS!!!

Thanks guys

mxRRyn ouT

staying safe online

Table Of Contents


•Chapter One: Friendship

•Chapter Two: Personal Information

•Chapter Three: An Easy Slip



Hello, Its MXRRYN here back with another post. I thought Internet Safety was something most people don’t consider important. People think they are safe when they aren’t. It’s important to know the dangers of the internet and this short and simple post is going to be giving THREE things that could be hazardous and how to avoid them!


Firstly, There are two types of friendship. IRL Friendship and Online Friendship. Online Friendship. We trust both. We have both. But do we actually know what’s behind both?

•IRL Friendship; You know your friend, you see them, visit their houses, you know about them, you have basic information about their life and you know who they are.

•Online Friendship: You know about their favourites and basic information. But how do you know that they are telling the truth? How do you know that they are who they claim to be and they aren’t actually a 40 year old person behind a screen.

Be Careful who you talk to and what you talk to them about because you never know who the person actually is. Never tell your age to anyone you’ve A) just met or B) can’t trust. If you’re younger than thirteen it definitely a violation of safety . If “friends” ask personal information then say “that’s personal ” and if they keep on pushing, leave the conversation and do not interact with them further on that topic. Your not obliged to reply to every PM.

Personal Information

What is Personal?




Age Of Siblings


City Of Residence

Social Medias that have your face as a pfp.

Phone Numbers

What isn’t personal?

gaming Information

gaming Friends


Things that don’t give away your identity

Anything about YOU in real life could lead to danger. It’s hazardous and dangerous to leak ANY personal information about your REAL LIFE.

An Easy Slip

Imagine This (Logan wants to kidnap Jake so he can kill him, but he needs to find him first.)

Logan: What country are you from?

Jake: Ohio

Logan: Me Too!

Jake: What City?

Logan: Columbus. What about You?

Jake: ME TOO.

Logan: I’m from short North Columbus what bout you?

Jake: that’s too personal, sorry.

Logan: Come on! I said mine.

Jake: OK I’m from short North too.

Logan finds Jake and kidnaps him. They were in the same borough so it couldn’t have been hard to find him. What an easy slip!

Usually, the process of convincing you to share the borough is longer. But Logan (OK let’s just stop hating the Maverick), made Jake slip because he’s clever. He used his brain. Just because Someone else does something bad you shouldn’t do it. So Flag the messages like that instead of keeping on saying how personal it is. Social Medias allows you to block people  so that way it’s alot more easier for you to lose contact with the kidnapper (whatever).


I hope you found above beneficial and helpful. If it refrains someone from sharing information it’d make my day. It’s unbelievable how much information cyber attackers get these days and we need to stop This! Stay tuned and I’d love you guys feedback! mxrryn Out *flies to mars to stay safe*

*flies back to earth in need of oxygen*


basic Fortnite controls that WORK!!

Okay so Ive been messing around with my controls lately.
Here are some controls I used that really worked out for me.

So I originally had the auto Europe servers but I decided to try out some more…
All the pros are in NA-East which means if you want to get a lot of kills or something its not the right server.
Asia’s Ping was really high and so laggy, The ping was 400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THAT IS BARE CRAZY, OK??
Oceania had 300 ping, also super laggy.
Brazil was OK.
NA-West was also decent.
So all in all if you want kills but don’t mind a laggy gameplay, Asia. If you want to skill up, NA … and thats all!
EUROPE had 33 ping which is amazing.

Streamer Mode
Streamer Mode is good for streamers who don’t want to get stream sniped etc but its also just nice to use if you don’t want loads of friend requests or just for fun.

Seriously… am I the only one who just CANNOT hold on shift, and there is no point doing it anyway! Whats the point in walking cause like who doesn’t want to move fast all the time! Hold ON shift to go slow… although its a rare decision.

Mouse is always going from around 0.9 to 0.14- not bad.
Mouse targeting and scope is 0.85
Invert view is off.


Building controls
Roof: F4
Floor: X
Wall:Thumb mouse button
Stairs/Ramp: Thumb mouse button 2
Trap: T

There will be a part two hopefully………………..
if changing your controls worked then great!
if not then…………… bye
anyway see you guys in my next post
which will unfortunately
not be based on fortnite
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ωнαт ∂єfιиєѕ ρσѕιтινιту?

the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.

нσω ∂σ уσυ вє¢σмє ρσѕιтινє?

ψσմ ɕαη ɓεɕσʍε Թσςίtίѵε ɓψ εηɕσմɾαɡίηɡ σtհεɾς, ɓείηɡ ίηςԹίɾαtίσηαʆ αηδ հαԹԹψ.

ωнαт αяє тнє вєиєfιтѕ σf ρσѕιтινιту?

ɡσσδ ʍίηδ հεαʆtհ, հαԹԹίηεςς αηδ ɡσσδ tհσմɡհtς σɾ ƒεεʆίηɡς.

ωнαт кιи∂ σf ρєσρℓє αяє ιи¢ℓιиє∂ тσ ρσѕιтινιту?

εѵεɾψσηε ɡσσδ σɾ ηίɕε ίς ίηɕʆίηεδ tσ Թσςίtίѵίtψ.

нσω ιѕ ρσѕιтινιту gσιиg тσ нανє αи ιмρα¢т σи уσυя ℓιfє?

Թσςίtίѵίtψ ϖίʆʆ αʆʆσϖ ψσմ tσ tαƘε ση ɕհαʆʆεηɡες ςմɕհ ας tհίηƘίηɡ σƒ σtհεɾς ɓεƒσɾε ψσմɾςϖʆδ. ίt ʍαƘες ψσմ ƒεεʆ ɡσσδ.

ωну ιѕ ρσѕιтινιту νєяу ιмρσятαит fσя ρєσρℓє – єνєи иєgαтινє ρєσρℓє?

Թσςίtίѵίtψ ɕαη ɕհαηɡε ηεɡαtίѵίtψ αηδ ίƒ ψσմ ɓε Թσςίtίѵε ψσմ ɕαη ɕհαηɡε α ηεɡαtίѵε Թεɾςση!

ωнαт αяє ѕσмє тιρѕ σи вє¢σмιиg ρσѕιтινє?

•ɓε ηίɕε

•tհίηƘ σƒ σtհεɾς

•ʍαƘε αη մηհαԹԹψ Թʆαɕε հαԹԹψ.

нσω ∂σ уσυ ∂єαℓ ωιтн тнσυgнтѕ σи уσυяѕєℓf вєιиg иσт gσσ∂ єиσυgн?

tհίηƘ ψσմ αɾε ɡσσδ εησմɡհ αηδ ψσմ αɾε Թεɾƒεɕt.

нσω ∂σ уσυ яєα¢т тσ ρєσρℓє ωнσ gινє уσυ тнσυgнтѕ тнαт уσυ αяєи’т gσσ∂ єиσυgн?

You say that you feel sorry for them, because they are so negative and their attitude towards positivity is terrible. Sacrè Bleű!

ωну ∂σєѕ ρσѕιтινιту мαкє уσυ тнιик ∂ιffєяєияℓу?

Because since positivity makes you feel happier, the happy outcome will deepen your mindset and you’ll see the world in a better way in which you understand people more and are able to face a challenge in life where you don’t need help.

ωну ѕнσυℓ∂ уσυ вє ρσѕιтινє?

Because being positive will make you feel happy and comment below if you don’t want to feel happy! Everyone wants to be happy!

Food Fight LTM BR Info

Food Fight LTM (Battle Royale)
1 wall, 2 entrees, the Food Fight has begun! Build your base, wait for the barrier to drop, and battle it out in this new Limited Time Mode. Claim your preferred team on our social channels. #TeamBurger #TeamPizza


character change

╔════ ✿ ❀ ღღ ✿ ❀  ════╗

уσυ αяє ωнσ уσυ αяє αи∂ уσυ ѕнσυℓ∂ вє ρяσυ∂ σf тнαт ρєяѕσи

╚════ ❀ ✿ ღღ ❀ ✿  ════╝

уσυ ωαит ρєσρℓє тσ ℓιкє уσυ αи∂ уσυя ¢нαяα¢тєя! яιgнт? тнιѕ ρσѕт ιѕ ʝυѕт яιgнт fσя уσυ!

вє уσυяѕєℓf, єνєяуσиє єℓѕє ιѕ тαкєи.

α vєrч ímpσrtαnt thíng íѕ tσ knσw thαt чσu hαvє tσ вє чσurѕєlf, αѕ ín dσn’t fαkє hσw чσu αrє. dσn’t prєtєnd tσ вє gєєkч σr nєrdч. σr dσn’t prєtєnd чσu hαtє lєαrníng juѕt ѕσ ѕσmєσnє líkєѕ чσu. pєσplє nєєd tσ líkє σr lσvє чσu fσr whσ чσu αrє – nσt чσur fαkє ídєntítч.

вє ιиѕριяαтισиαℓ

 you dσn’t have to вє líkє ѕσmєσnє líkє mαlαlα σr mαhαtmα gαndhí- you dσn’t need to вє α pσlítícíαn. вє αn ínѕpírαtíσn. вє ѕσmєσnє pєσplє αѕpírє tσ, dσn’t вє gσσd fσr prαíѕє, вє gσσd fσr thє ѕαkє σf вєíng gσσd, вut ínѕpírє єvєrчσnє єlѕє, ѕєt α gσσd єхαmplє.

вє ѕσмєσиє ωнσ ∂σєѕи’т ¢нαиgє fσя тнє ѕαкє σf σтнєяѕ

juѕt вєcαuѕє чσur fríєnd ѕαчѕ thαt чσur mαgєntα líp glσѕѕ lσσkѕ uglч σr чσur hєαddrєѕѕ íѕn’t thє вєѕt cσlσur, thαt dσєѕn’t mєαn чσu hαvє tσ chαngє! thíѕ íѕ чσu αnd ít’ѕ чσur chσícє whαt cσlσur líp glσѕѕ σr hєαddrєѕѕ чσu chσσѕє. dσn’t chαngє tσ mαkє σthєrѕ hαppч.

вє ѕσмєσиє ωнσ αℓтєяѕ тнєιя вєнανισя fσя gσσ∂.

σnlч chαngє чσur вєhαvíσr ín ѕpítє σf вєíng вwttєr. σf cσurѕє, вєíng вєttєr íѕ σnlч α gσσd thíng.

вє ѕσмєσиє ωнσ ℓσνєѕ ωнαт’ѕ gσσ∂ fσя σтнєяѕ.

lσvє gσσd thíngѕ fσr чσur fєllσwѕ :smile:

вє ѕσмєσиє ωнσ ιѕ нαρρу fσя σтнєяѕ

вє hαppч ínѕtєαd σf jєαlσuѕ fσr ѕσmєσnє.

вє ѕσмєσиє ωнσ ιѕ кιи∂

вє kínd αnd mєrcífullч nícє.

вє ѕσмєσиє ωнσ ιѕ gινιиg

gívє up thíngѕ fσr σthєrѕ.

вє ѕσмєσиє ωнσ ℓσνєѕ ωнαт тнєу ℓσνє fσя тнємѕєℓνєѕ, fσя тнєιя fяιєи∂ѕ

lσvє gσσd fσr σthєrѕ, thєn thєч wíll lσvє gσσd fσr чσu. whαt cσmєѕ αrσud, gσєѕ αrσund.

вє ѕσмєσиє ωнσ тєℓℓѕ тнє тяυтн

αlwαчѕ ѕpєαk thє ultímαtє truth.

вє ѕσмєσиє ωнσ иєνєя ѕтєαℓѕ

dσn’t tαkє whαt íѕ nσt чσurѕ, чσu cαn gєt ít lαtєr ín чσur lífє, вut ѕtєαlíng ít wσuld mαkє ít α fσrвíddєn ítєm fσr чσu tσ hαvє.

вє ѕσмєσиє ωнσ киσωѕ тнє ∂ιffєяєи¢є вєтωєєи яιgнт αи∂ ωяσиg

knσw whαt íѕ wrσng αnd whαt íѕ ríght. nєvєr dσ wrσng thíngѕ αnd αlwαчѕ dσ thє ríght!

вє ѕσмєσиє ѕρє¢ιαℓ

вє ѕσmєσnє pєσplє αѕpírє tσ, вє αn ínѕpírαtíσn, вє α gσσd pєrѕσn αnd hαvє α gσσd pєrѕσnαlítч. dσn’t αltєr fσr thє ѕαkє σf σthєrѕ αnd αlwαчѕ вє α nícє, kínd pєrѕσn.

fortimares BR ending stats


Demolished 411,182,432 Cube Monster spawners.

Dealt 2,472,912,681,779 damage to Cube Monsters.

Fired 5,093,840,715 Fiend Hunter Crossbow bolts.

some advice to people who get bullied

Sup guys and todays post is about a really common issue we are all facing in society today: bullying. In this post I will give you guys some ways to deal with bullying.

Its quite hard to be in this day and age as “the snitch” or the “snake”.

This means you tend to get in more problems if you were to tell an adult.

You’d get more pressure and probably face more deep consequences from not just the bullies.

So the first thing you can do is talk to someone like your older sibling, or cousin or someone who is closer than a friend but not “a friend”.

Tell them how you feel, both sides of the story, everything – and they could give you some valuable advice.

Talking to someone always feels great, and really just letting out everything that’s happened and expressing it all to someone and confiding it to someone just puts your mind at ease. I really don’t know how and why but every time something goes wrong and I confide in someone, even though they cant make everything better, the fact that someone cares just makes me relax and at ease.

The next thing is trying to get the bully to stop. This is obviously the most difficult bit. IF your not as strong as the bully and they physically attack you then its best you confront them as a group as your friends etc – tell them that what theyre doing is wrong and if they don’t stop your going to get the staff involved.

I hope this works and please let me know in the comments,


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Today Im writing a review on save the world.

I have had fortnite since the end of April and been playing consistently, but I decided to buy save the world about 2 weeks ago when I saw the October discount.

Ive covered 10% of the zones and seriously halfway through the Stonewood map.

So save the world is a bit like what you see in fortimares in battle Royale except you are in a team of 4 or less and you have to defend against the husks or monsters.

I found it quite Annoying that every time you broke an item it showed how much damage you took- it was quite frustrating to see damage signs every time you hit for materials.

The maximum materials is 2000 individually and it is quite easy to collect.

I named my Homebase [My Name]‘s Vault.

You can name it anything whatsoever but that was my take on a lovely Homebase.

I have got the skull ranger and about 30 skins, 10 defenders and 30 rescued survivors.

The guns are nice as well.

Its fun to have to craft your ammo and occasionally I run out of metal because I legit cannot find it anywhere.

Obviously I love the supply llamas and their treasures are always pleasant!

ROSE GOLD TEAM LEADER and the WARPAINT skins were LITTTTTTTTTTT and now I have a skin I actually like – CALMMMMMMMM.

You get v-bucks often. Not as much as I was hoping for.. but its decent.

I decided to buy twist with my vbucks but the busy emote decided to come out the day after WHYYYYY!!!!!

I love the tomato emote bc like u know its LIT.

Now back on to STW.

Sometimes im leading it as solo-squads and it is quite difficult but nevertheless it makes me better.

Im decent at killing husks and fortunately Ive won every zone I played first time so yeet.

I suppose it’s a bit difficult occasionally but you do get through it.

Oh and I love the health bar. So much health !!!!!!! and it comes in handy

Mxrryn going out xO