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broken parts |poem

they say to follow your heart,but from the millions of pieces which do I choose?where do I go when im just a collection of broken parts,what do I do when there’s nothing to break or loose?what should I think when I’m merely in pieces?where do I go when I dont know where piece is?what do … Continue reading broken parts |poem

shower thoughts

hey guys and welcome to a new blog post! it has been such a long time since i made a shower thoughts compilation. i made a poll on what you guys prefer and you voted shower thoughts and memes- and then in the NEXT poll you guys voted shower thoughts are your favourite... so here … Continue reading shower thoughts


hey guys and welcome to today's blog post. three posts in a month (progress...damn!) today's post is about healing. mental healing, healing your scars and one could say it's even mental growth. written for anonymoussss. healing/ˈhiːlɪŋ/nounthe process of making or becoming sound again. in this context (of the post) i'm talking about healing from a … Continue reading healing

turn the page

hey guys and welcome to my new post! i havent posted in ages but im here again! iA i will work on being more consistent. turn the page. when i say turn the page, i mean to turn the page and to never even read it again. never think of it, forget it even exists … Continue reading turn the page


as i delve deeper and explore different intriguing words, i am fascinated at the depth of emotion that can be conveyed in both English and many other languages. There are so many emotions and yet we sum them up to "happy", "sad", "angry" or simple words such as "missing someone". There are so many words, … Continue reading serendipity

nostalgia [a poem]

as i look at the photos i start to smile,a small capture that stays with me forever but only lives a while. the pain from an old wound,the happiness that can no longer be found,reminiscence of when times were sound,and to old times, i feel drowned. i just want to feel it again,the happiness and … Continue reading nostalgia [a poem]

anxiety ~

hey guys and welcome to todays blog post.Today I wanted to talk about anxiety. anxiety is a natural feeling to all human beings, however sometimes it can be toxic and harming our mental health. people need to understand that having anxiety doesn't make you abnormal, or different- it's just a stage in your life where … Continue reading anxiety ~